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Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors


Note: Carefully Read the Instructions Below

Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors was established by Law NO 56/2013 of 09/08/2013 (Official Gazette no 42 of 21/10/2013).
The veterinary profession include more particularly the following:
  • Curative and preventive veterinary medicine;
  • Animal reproductive;
  • Veterinary pharmacy practice and use of inputs and livestock equipment;
  • Hygiene and quality of animal products;
  • Wild animal medicine.

  • B.P.: 2949 Kigali-Rwanda
  • Tel: (+250) 788883525
  • Email: or
    Application instructions:
  • Step 1 : Payment of required fees though Bank Account:00040-0653033-35. BANK of Kigali
  • Step 2 : You need first to create an account if your are new and you want to apply for membership or to activate your account if you are RCVD member
  • Step 3 :Go to top naviggation menus and choose menu according to your status
  • Step 4 :Create account by Filling the profile form using your active email
  • Step 5 :Once you have created an account, proceed with log in and continue your application
  • Step 6 :After Filling your Bio and education background information, make sure you have these compulsory documents as they are required for the system to accept your application:
    • Recent Passport Photo
    • Hand written application letter
    • Copy of the ID page of Passport or copy of the National ID card
    • Registrable degree in veterinary medicine and its translation, if applicable
    • Proof of payment of a non-refundable registration fee
    • Certificate of registration in the country of origin and its translation, if applicable
  • Step 7 :If you don't complete your application at once, you can save the already entered information, and continue later.
  • Step 8 :Remember to click logout before you leave the computer